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Who we are

Soul Siren Playhouse is an American nonprofit arts & cultural enrichment organization committed to social outreach, activism, and artistic development through the medium of dramatic & artistic expression.


At The Playhouse we aim to challenge and provoke thought, thus change, through artistic exploration and dramatic encounter while holding space for safe, civil, proactive communication and collaboration on polarizing issues.

The Siren Creed

Without the Soul,
the Siren’s call bears no purpose.
Harbingers of destruction,
when the haunting bellow of the Siren

is heard ringing from the mountains,
all indeed must come to a stop.
A shared universal silence;
where threat of imminent annihilation
or miraculous salvation are on the line.
A reminder of our connection with the Divine;
when the Siren is heard,
every eye must turn in communion and bear witness

to the Truth that has been stirred within...

Thrill, Awe,

Fear, Enticement,
And with this energy we must Act.
But in this act, we are not Alone.
And every breath is precious Life or Death.
When the Siren’s fateful song is heard,
inevitable change is on the verge.
But who will dare to fight when others freeze or run? Whose voice will rise in love when the Siren’s cry is sung?

Our founder

Soul Siren Playhouse was Founded by Actor/Writer & St. Louis native, Cameron Jamarr Davis. His passion for acting and activism started in high school during an original production titled “And Carl Laughed.” The production would go to the 2007 International Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland where it would garner the Amnesty International Peace Award.

In 2011, he piloted a cultural collaboration program in partnership at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music with the United Nations, FilmAid, and the Great Globe Foundation titled “The Dadaab Theater Project ”; which culminated in a shared performance “The Collapsible Space Between Us” on International World Refugee Day in Nairobi.

He moved to Los Angeles in 2015 after achieving his Equity card in New York City, also working as a guest artist and substitute teacher. A series of journeys in between both cities would push, challenge, awaken, then eventually inspire the creation and philosophy of Soul Siren Playhouse.

Board of Directors


Marieme Diop

Community Advisor

Marieme is an International Singer and Recording Artist, Activist, and Fashion Designer whose Soul Mission is to change the world through the power of Love and her Voice.


Bradford Lewis Rolen

Director of Operations

Bradford is a professional Musical Theater artist with credited regional theater and industry experience with companies such as the Los Angeles Celebration Theater, the Municipal Opera Theater of Saint Louis, McLeod Summer Playhouse, Black Hills Playhouse, and the Clinton Area Showboat, among others.


Antoinette Robinson

Vice President

Antoinette Robinson is a professional actress and member of the Actors Equity Association. She is presently on Broadway performing in the 2019-2020 cast of Harry Potter And the Cursed Child in New York City. With a strong acting background grounded in both Contemporary and Classical Theater, she has worked with various esteemed theaters throughout the US including: The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, The Folger Shakespeare Theater, The Shakespeare Theater Company, New York Classical theater, Theater for A New Audience, and Huntington Theater Company, among others.


Cameron Jamarr Davis

President/Executive Director

A proud member of SAG-AFTRA and the Actors Equity Association, Cameron is a trained actor with regional experience including St. Louis Shakespeare Festival, the Hangar Theater, Hudson valley Shakespeare Festival, and the Celebration Theater, among others.

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