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What We're Up To

...Playhouse Social

Want to follow us outside the Playhouse? Join us at one of our upcoming events to get to know us better, or sign up for one of our workshops. Be sure to follow us @Playsiren on social media & stay up to date!


Soul Siren is Bold
Soul Siren is Fresh
Soul Siren Shines
Soul Siren is Joy
Soul Siren Keeps It Lit
Soul Siren is Radiant
Soul Siren is Love
Soul Siren is Festive
Soul Siren is Community
Soul Siren is Friendship
Soul Siren is Vibrant

Soul Siren

Your moment to go VIRAL


Vulnerable. Innocent. Raw. Authentic and LIVE! 

Express Yourself

Create Yourself


Become the Siren of your own Soul


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