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Our Vision


Classically inclined yet modernly defined, Soul Siren Playhouse produces Theater for the Present. Sharing a devout commitment to story and character while presenting material ranging from Classical to Contemporary texts, to musicals, new and devised works, dance compositions and beyond; speaking to present themes, subjects, or situations that may be pressing, polarizing, or taboo. Our intention being to facilitate an artistic environment that fosters constructive discourse, expression, and ultimately change through the medium of incisive, inventive, dramatic expression.


To push the boundaries between actor, story, and audience; bringing them into direct contact with the essence and the lessons experienced from Story. Our goal being to implicate and immerse both actor and audience into a more engaging journey through the dramatic experience, in efforts to promote deeper intuitive listening, personal and interpersonal awareness, and ultimately a greater sense of compassion, understanding, and empathy for Self, Other, and All.


Soul Siren beckons Actors and Performers of every demographic and discipline to audition, perform, and share their gift of story regardless of race, gender, ability, sexual or spiritual identity. Uniqueness is celebrated and challenged in our casting and story telling, with our goal being to cultivate a growing ensemble of actors who train, co-create, and inspire Soul Siren’s vision and outreach further to the community.


Soul Siren calls the Passionate, the Courageous, the Soulful, and the Timeless. We want You to be part of the Story. Part of Our story, together making THIStory. Our goal being to embrace the relationship between audience/actor/story in such a way that audiences, by simple attendance, feel implicated, involved, and driven by the events of the stories to unfold, both onstage and afterwards.

The Four S.E.A.T Philosophy

It is understood that the highest pursuit between Art and Artist resides in service and responsibility towards Brother, Sister, and Community. We aspire towards a culture that supports harmony, advocates change, and meaningfully impacts the communities of our audience through our Four Fundamental Principles:

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"From the Stage to the Streets"

Love is service in action. From working to provide food and resource relief for displaced persons, to facilitating screenings and safe sex kit distributions to promote self empowerment and awareness of sexual health, we seek to bring careful attention to challenges ranging from addiction, to grief recovery, self-identity affirmation, poverty, domestic abuse, mental wellness, etc.

Activisim Icon.png


"Make Some Noise"

A mouth piece of The People, Theater and storytelling has forever remained the default avenue for inciting change and social reform. Our goal is to function as platform and voice for communities, perspectives, and issues in need of reflection, examination, and in some cases, justice.

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"Each One Teach One"

Every artist stands upon the shoulders of those before that led, taught, and instructed. Our intention is to keep alive the torch of inspiration, expression, and fellowship that theater and storytelling spark within us from our youth. Furthermore, we seek to use theater, story telling, and role playing as a medium to facilitate conversation and awareness in students on difficult subjects as racism, bullying, prejudice, self esteem, and navigating other challenging social factors

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"Play Hard"

The formation of an eclectic and diverse ensemble of Actors that regularly train, teach, co-create, and support the artistic endeavors of another and the Collective. From physical training and ensemble work to offering classes in auditioning and monologue/scene study, to the development of new works, this will be a functioning ensemble/core company dedicated to the virtues of training, commitment, support, and pursuit of excellence between One’s Self and the Ensemble

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