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Classically inclined. Modernly defined.

Soul Siren productions seek to revive the theatrical experience; synthesizing cinematic elements into the fibers of engaging, traditional, and visceral Storytelling, blurring the dimensions between Actor, Perception, Story, and Witness

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'Dangerous Love'

Soul Siren Playhouse presents its first Public Siren Advocacy (PSA) Film, shining a light on intimate partner violence and the signs of an unhealthy or toxic relationship. A musically inspired mini-movie, 'Dangerous Love' calls to awareness, attention, and action those who could be, or know anyone, experiencing  unhealthy relationship patterns, or an abusive, dangerous love. 


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 Something Clear Unseen

Set against the backdrop of the modern pandemic, this short paranormal thriller examines the reality of living in isolation in the Media Age and what other truths or shadows, regarding the hidden evil of child and human trafficking, may lurk in our societal subconscious... Filmed in isolation...


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"Death Jam"

Walk down memory lane and be taken through the journey of a man's lifetime, reliving and weaving together his various near death encounters that transformed his life in this One-Man audio-visual Odyssey celebrating perseverance, self-empowerment, and suicide prevention awareness. 

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After years of academic mistreatment from a tenured college professor, Renae finds herself making an unimaginable confession after losing herself and her ability to cope.

This PSA Film examines the reality of institutional discrimination from the perspective of academia, and its overwhelming implications on the success, safety, and sanity of students under its influence.


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R +J: X

By: William Shakespeare

Adapted by Soul Siren Playhouse


A fresh and modernly defined adaptation of Shakespeare’s tragedy, Soul Siren Playhouse breathes a fresh and invigorating life into the world of this age-old classic.

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