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Classically inclined. Modernly defined.

Soul Siren productions seek to revive the theatrical experience; synthesizing cinematic elements into the fibers of engaging, traditional, and visceral Storytelling, blurring the dimensions between Actor, Perception, Story, and Witness


In an emotionally charged and highly symbolic version of the Adam and Eve story, an unsuspecting Black man is encountered by a mysterious and calculating white seductress alone on an underground train. A ritual drama, Soul Siren Playhouse presents this bold and challenging work written with a distinct sociological purpose: to galvanize audiences into revolutionary action. 


February 1st - February 18th 2024
Greenfinch Theater & Dive - 2525 S. Jefferson Ave. 


Follow Monica, a Black, St. Louis raised, college student who becomes pregnant following the overturning of Roe v. Wade and, subsequently, the abolishment of abortion in Missouri.  Through an exploration of self, choice, and history, Monica finds a way to safely and discreetly have an abortion (WORLD PREMIERE)


FALL 2024

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"Death Jam" 

This mixed-media theater experience boldly encounters the wild highs of life and devastating lows of death, aiming to inspire viewers to examine and champion their own personal battles with mental wellness, personal resilience, and suicide prevention.


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After years of a troubled relationship with a tenured professor and competing at an elite school, Renae finds herself making an unimaginable confession after losing herself and her ability to cope. 


This Public Siren Advocacy (PSA) Film examines the reality of institutional discrimination from the perspective of academia, and its overwhelming implications on the success, safety, and mental health of students under its influence.


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R +J: X

By: William Shakespeare

Adapted by Soul Siren Playhouse


A fresh and modernly defined adaptation of Shakespeare’s tragedy, Soul Siren Playhouse breathes a fresh and invigorating life into the world of this age-old classic.


Our Mission

Soul Siren Playhouse aims to challenge and provoke thought, thus change, through artistic exploration and dramatic experience while holding space for safe, civil, and proactive cooperation on polarizing issues; Our ultimate pursuit being to serve an active role in impacting communities commonly underrepresented or underserved through a combination of community service, educational, activism and training engagement inspired through our seasonal productions.

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