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From Stage to Street

At Soul Siren Playhouse service is a Love Language and collective communal support speaks that language. Find your call to service through one of our growing list of Community Partners. Check out some highlight moments shared with Soul Siren Playhouse and visit their organization website to contact. Keep the love flowing! 

 - Past Community Partners -

Freedom Arts & Education

Unhoused STL

Community Wellness Project

St. Louis City Museum

Pharaoh’s Donuts

Tower Grove Pride

Gus’s Pretzels

The AMAAD Institute (Los Angeles)

The Arcade Artist Lofts

Freedom Arts & Education

Freedom Arts & Education is a youth empowerment organization working with inner-city students, providing relevant arts education resources and exposure. Soul Siren Playhouse showed support archiving their 2020 Summer Arts Expo.
Fore more on FAEC visit here

St. Louis Tower Grove Pride

Soul Siren Playhouse displayed our projects while inspiring folks to take a moment of Self Pride and participate in our #SoulSirenPride Affirmation Giveaway.

The rules were simple: Take a selfie with a self-written positive affirmation written on quote bubble.

The Reward: A donut or pretzel and chances to win tickets to the St. Louis City Museum!

Check the highlights!

For more on Tower Grove Pride visit here

Unhoused STL

Soul Siren was present to archive Unhoused STL and their call to service through recurring sponsored resource drives for St. Louis’s displaced community. Unhoused STL is local human rights organization providing resources and community services to directly impact homelessness and facilitate change. 

Essentials such as food, blankets, and basic hygiene items, were provided in addition to health resources (blood pressure and BMI, screening, PPE) and resource information regarding housing, employment, and shelter locations that aid towards self-sufficiency.

For more on Unhoused STL visit here

"My Life Has Meaning"
"I Have Everything I Need To Be Loved"
"She Needed A Hero, So I Became One"
"Love Your Body, Love You!"
"I Am Worthy of Increase"
"Kindness, Beauty, Self Love!"
"I Am Worthy of Freedom"
"I Am
"I Am Grateful For My Body!"
"My Life Has Meaning"
"Be Brave. Be Courageous. Love Thyself!"
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