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Classically inclined. Modernly defined.

Soul Siren productions seek to revive the theatrical experience; synthesizing cinematic elements into the fibers of engaging, traditional, and visceral Storytelling, blurring the dimensions between Actor, Perception, Story, and Witness

'Dangerous Love'

Soul Siren Playhouse presents its first Public Siren Advocacy (PSA) Film, shining a light on intimate partner violence and the signs of an unhealthy or toxic relationship. A musically inspired mini-movie, 'Dangerous Love' calls to awareness, attention, and action those who could be, or know anyone, experiencing  unhealthy relationship patterns, or an abusive, dangerous love. 


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"Death Jam"

Walk down memory lane and be taken through the journey of a man's lifetime, reliving and weaving together his various near death encounters that transformed his life in this One-Man audio-visual Odyssey celebrating perseverance, self-empowerment, and suicide prevention awareness. 

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"Before it Hits Home"

By: Cheryl. L West


Forced to return home after a wake up call at the doctor's office, the unacknowledged intimacy struggles of an African-American jazz musician and his loved ones leads to consequences deeper and more life altering than anyone could have imagined. Before It Hits Home presents an unflinching look at the complicated relationship between love, family, personal wellness, and identity. 

Fall 2020